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Station News

On Friday 2nd November we had a visit to our station by Sir David Amess

Sir David was extremely interested in our location and what we did as a charitable organisation. He promised to give us as much help as he could in promoting our station and the organisation, when the opportunity arose. A Most enjoyable and useful visit.

NCI will celebrate it’s 25th Anniversary with various events throughout 2019.

Easter Sunday at The Railway Hotel Southend.

The railway is a well knon venu for bands to play heir music to anyone who is intrested enough to come along.  The son of one of our watchkeepers has many band contacts in the area and was keen to promote an evening to support our fundraising for our replacemnt station porta-cabins. Well Easter Sunday evening was the chosen evening and  number pf us went along. For myself I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. I arrived a little late because of watchkeeping duties but stayed until the biter end. I am now totally deaf, but a great evening. We raised something over £100 for which we would like to thank all those who donated to our cause. We must also thank the bands who gave their time and keept us entertained for the whole evening.